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      Send for information, about receiving a total package to getting started as a
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      If you already have experience as a boatman or better yet have a Captains License issued by
    the USCG. The opportunities are vase and lucrative, average pay for Mates are $75,000
    annually. If you only have experience and can document sea time. I can help you apply for your
    License, and direct you to an excellent school that will guarantee you to pass the exams
    required to receive your Captains License.

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      Once you purchase the package, and at your request I will update and keep you informed of
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    openings before they are advertised for.  I can put you in contact with the right person to get the
    edge to get hired, also inform you, what to expect from the company you might be applying for.

     This is a great service if you are not located on the East Coast and not familiar with
    the company,  It  will save you time, you will not have to search the Internet for positions
    that might be advertised, but not even open, and you have no idea what the company is
    like, or what to expect from them.  I will be able to answer 95% of your questions and
    concerns, especially if your are new to tug boating.

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Tug Boat Crew Member / Seamanship

A Young person interested in a career in the marine field will find many more opportunities on tugs than on
conventional ships. Conditions and wages are improving all the time, and the towing business is currently the
most viable sector of the entire U.S. Merchant Marine
Tugboat seamanship is distinguished from ordinary seamanship by the emphasis on line-handling skills and
the fact that tugboats crew members must be able to carry out their duties without supervision from a
boatswain or one of the mates as would be likely aboard a large vessel.

Crew members aboard a tug must handle the tug’s working lines and mooring lines, the mooring lines on the
barges that are towed, and the towing gear as well.  This includes the hawsers and /or towing cables, bridles,
towing pendants, shock lines and retrieving lines that are all part of this gear

If the tug is engaged in ship work, crew members must have reasonable abilities at throwing heaving lines,
and be able to secure large working lines quickly.  If the tug is engaged in handling barges, they may be
required to lasso the bits on the barge and the bollards or cleats on the dock by casting the eye of the
working lines over them, since often there is no one there to receive these lines.  This requires a good eye
and a strong arm, and lots of practice.

Of course they must know how to splice, make the standard sailor’s knots and bends, pass a stopper so that it
will not jam, and secure chafing gear so that it will not come adrift.  They should have some familiarity with
shackles, and be able to connect and disconnect them quickly and secure them properly so that the pin will
not fall out at sea. In short-manned tugs, with only a two or three-man deck force this can be a tall order.
Inexperienced crew members will normally be paired with experienced seaman, and instructed beforehand in
any of the hazards they should be careful of.  Particular emphasis in this respect is required when boarding or
disembarking from one vessel to another, whether at sea or in protected waters.

The crew member should be familiar with the hand tools used in making and breaking tow and those that may
be required in an emergency.  Emergency measures may include the use of a burning torch for cutting cable,
etc. and may in some cases require familiarity with barge and tug’s machinery and deck gear (generators,
pumps winches, etc.)
George H. Reid,” Primer of Towing” Second Edition p. 27,28,29, & 32

The above mentions requirements are necessary to be a good crew member but not limited to the other
duties that will be required and necessary.  I will try to hit on a few things that you should be aware of about
life on tugboats.  First and most is that you should not be afraid of the water and be able to swim, and work in
all weather conditions. Your tours could last as much as thirty days away from home, you will be living in close
quarters with three to four other men, privacy is limited.  A big consideration to think about.  Life aboard a tug
will require you to perform other duties beside work on deck. Your normal work hours will be six hour on duty
and six hours off.  You could be called to be up during your six hours off at anytime as needed.  You will be
required to keep the boat in a sanitary condition, which includes cleaning the common areas, galley and
heads (bathrooms for you non sailors) etc. the ability to cook is a plus.  Maintenance of the tug will include
chipping and painting the boat and keeping the outside clean also.

A few inconveniences to consider, the possibility of no TV or Radio reception and out of site of land for many
days, this depends on the route you are on.  This usually is not a problem to crew members that like to read.  
There is no way to tell if you are acceptable to getting sea sick until you have been in rough weather, this
could be a real problem if you are working on a off shore boat. If you think seasickness could be a problem,
you will want to get a position on an inland or sheltered water route.  Working and living with other crew
members in close quarters takes some getting use too.  Tug crew members come from all walks of life and
areas of the United States.  Getting along with your fellow crew members is a big part of enjoying this kind of
work.  In my experience working on tugs this is the biggest problem crew members have with being away from
home coming in second.

This is a job for someone that enjoys adventure and being on the water. I enjoy the working so many days
straight, not having to get up each morning and driving X amount of miles to work each morning and evening
with only the weekend off, if that. Out here you work your days to come home to sometimes equal time home,
it’s like a vacation every month.  Other jobs you work 255 days to get 5 days vacation, On the tug you can
work as little as 14 days to get 14 days vacation, and receive the same salary or more as the person working
255 days.
If one enjoys working on tugs and intends to continue working in the industry, he or she should take the steps
that lead to advancement. As soon as the necessary time has been invested to qualify for the next step with
advancement concerning your license, the required effort should be made to prepare for the examination.  
This will be rewarding financially as well as a plus for your resume.  Companies are always looking for
ambitious fresh talent.