East Coast Marine Services

My Qualifications

Master of Steam or Motor Vessel of not more than 200 gross registered tons
(Domestic Tonnage), 500 gross tons (ITC Tonnage) upon near coastal waters;
Master of Towing Vessels of not more than 200 gross tons upon near coastal
waters; also authorized to engage in commercial assistance. w/ unlimited
radar endorsement.

Designated Examiner (TOAR) Near Coastal / Oceans, Great Lakes & Inland

Able Seaman Limited

FCC;  Marine/Commercial Radio Operator

Retired Chief Boatswain Mate USCG
Was qualified to operate all search & rescue vessels up to and including a
210ft Medium Endurance Cutter.
Command Duty Officer at MSO Philadelphia
Search and Rescue Coordinator at Cape May, NJ & Fort Macon, NC,
Served a tour in Vietnam as assault boat captain.

Assigned to American Embassy, Port Au Prince, Haiti as a Instructor for the
Haitian Navy, conducting training on Seamanship, Boat Handling, and
Navigation, both in the classroom and underway.

Tug Boat Captain, operating tugs up to 198 gross tons and 75,000 bbl barges
from Portland, ME. to Brownsville, TX. and operating tugs on the AICW &
GICW from Norfolk, VA. to Freeport, TX.